2015 Trend Report – Beer, Ciders, RTD & Pre-Mix Cocktails

Here is our most recent report on consumption by volume and the market trends for Imported Beers, Ciders, Ready to Drink and Pre-Mix Cocktails.

Beer, Ciders, RTD & Pre-Mix Cocktails – 2015 Report for Ontario

9L Cases

Beer Imported 8.4
Spirit Based Coolers 9.2
Wine Based Coolers 3.8
Malt Based Coolers 47.8
Cider Based Coolers 18.5
Flavoured Wine 6.8
Spirit Based Pre Mix Cocktails 10.2

Total Refreshment Beverage 5,953,989 (13.3%)


Total Imported Beer 14,642,285 (8.4%)

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